Posting No.: 08/142 Dept:SPD/SDV
Location: Washington, D.C.
Closing Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Inter-American Development Bank’s Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness (SPD) is looking for a candidate to fill the position of Sr. Social Development Specialist in the Strategy Development Division (SDV) to work on analytical products in connection with a broad range of issues including fiscal, trade and poverty and growth policies in diverse countries in the LAC region.

SPD reports to the Office of the President and the Executive Vice-President and is charged with providing technical guidance to the Executive team in order to develop a culture of results within the Bank, and; to help the Bank innovate its core business, the effectiveness and efficiency of its products and methods over time. The SDV Division is charged with elaborating and proposing strategic directions and analyzing the external effectiveness of the strategic choices made by the institution


In this position, the Sr. Social Development Specialist will,

· Identify innovative international, regional and Bank interventions in the social areas that have a potential for knowledge generation and thus greater sectoral impact and support social sectors division in developing sector strategies and impact or other evaluations for particular projects. The candidate will be expected to ensure that a bank-wide repository for data generated from such projects is readily available for Bank use and analysis of effectiveness of interventions.

· Lead sector-wide/thematic self-assessments. These include, but are not limited to, impact evaluations utilizing treatment effect methodologies. The candidate will also be expected to extend impact evaluation methodologies from traditional interventions with individual-level treatment-effects to projects and programs with sector-wide or country-wide treatment-effects. Topics of interest include poverty, labor markets, health and education projects and programs to promote competitiveness, among others.

· Advise on evaluation methodologies to be used by the Bank. In particular, the candidate will be expected to develop impact evaluation methodological guidelines including matching and propensity score methods, difference-in-difference methods, regression discontinuity, defining sample size as a function of program effects. Developing these tools will require working closely with project teams and developing econometric solutions to the empirical topics being evaluated.

· Coordinate the ex ante evaluability assessments of the Bank’s projects, programs, and strategies in the social sectors area. The candidate will be expected to supervise the application and refine the Bank’s evaluability tools in future evaluability assessments.


Education: Masters/Licenciatura or equivalent degree in Economics, Public Policy, or related field. Ph.D preferred.
Experience: A minimum of ten (10) years of relevant professional and academic experience. Professional experience as evaluation and research team leader is strongly preferred.
Languages: Proficiency in at least two of the Bank’s official languages (one being English or Spanish).


Evaluation Methodology Expertise

· Quantitative techniques, proven experience with and knowledge of: advanced time-series and cross-sectional econometrics and their application for evaluation purposes; impact evaluation and treatment effect methodology and relevant extensions; knowledge of the limitations of these methods, their differential applicability in different scenarios.

· Other methodology, Experience with ex ante simulation of benefits, or other relevant simulation experience is preferable and experience with sample survey and data collection is preferable.

Thematic Expertise

· Poverty and Inequality analysis, experience in the statistical analysis of poverty and inequality, including alternative measurements and simulations of poverty and inequality under different scenarios.

· Health and education, knowledge of basic models, concepts and findings form economics of health and education, in particular from a human capital perspective and the links between health and education with poverty and development.

· Labor economics, knowledge of core models in labor economics and of core methods in labor econometrics. Experience designing and conducting labor market assessments and understanding of labor dynamics in developing countries.

· Evaluation of Social Policies, additionally to theoretical and empirical knowledge of theoretical and empirical social economics, experience applying micro econometric techniques for the evaluation of social policies under different scenarios.

· Microeconomics & General Economics, besides a solid understanding of social economics, a clear understanding of the core microeconomics fields that are related to social economics and development, such as international trade and industrial organization, is required.

· Geography and economics, experience in modeling regional and spatial effects and in using these tools for evaluation of public policy.

· Evaluability, experience in ex ante assessment of the evaluability of sovereign and non-sovereign operations and strategic documents.

· Bank and Institutional, knowledge of current evaluation practices in multilateral organizations and in countries, including familiarity with information systems used by multilateral institutions and by borrowing countries.


Analysis and Problem Solving: Demonstrated ability to grasp complex problems and to bring analytical rigor and an empirical approach to problem solving.

Teamwork skills: Demonstrated ability to take initiative to assist others and share information, knowledge and best practices.

Building Bonds: Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships and networks within and outside the Bank.

Communication skills: Demonstrated ability to write and present orally concise, clear and precise analytical papers, presentations, and publications, and adapt communication style to different publics.

Adaptability: Demonstrated ability and willingness to quickly adapt to different topics with little prior information and knowledge.

Promoting Diversity

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