Term of Reference: the rights of older people in Latin America

Age Concern England and HelpAge International are commissioning a series of papers for a joint symposium on January 15th 2009 of their Board members on the rights of older people and the idea of a new convention. The papers will cover existing protection under international human rights law, the potential impact of a new convention, and regional perspectives on the types of rights violations older people experience and protection under regional human rights mechanisms.

The series of papers will collectively provide a global perspective and explore the different nature of violations in different contexts. The papers will be precise about identifying relevant standards/legislation and will help identify if we need new human rights standards. These papers should inform participants at the meeting in January and enable them to debate key issues and help them reach an opinion on:

a) whether the rights of older people is something ageing organisations should build a global movement around

b) what would be the key demand/ask/objective of this movement

The papers will then be collated, edited and combined to form a joint NGO report on the rights of older people that will help to inform a wider audience and feed into other debates on this issue.

The rights of older people in Latin America
This paper will explore current violations of the rights of older people in Latin America. It should take a regional perspective but also include country case studies. It should:
• argue explicitly the rights are being violated, how and by whom
• be directly linked to human rights standards and regional/national legislation where it exists
• identify where it does not and is lacking
• include specific cases of violations
• explore intersectionality of rights violations

Length: 10 pages

Please send cover letter and cv to Jennifer Watt: Jennifer.Watt@ACE.org.uk