Conservation International’s national communication Coordinator are technical experts who support conservation outcomes by designing, implementing and evaluating communications, marketing and social marketing strategies for CI country programs. National communicators apply their unique skills to both targeting the human behaviors that influence conservation outcomes and to enhancing CI’s brand awareness and value in their country. The position is responsible for designing communications components of conservation strategies, producing all communication tools for the country program, collaborating with and building the communications capacity of partner organizations, establishing strong media partnerships and relations and managing the office’s public relations needs.

Design Strategies

§ Design and implement communications components of behavior change strategies that address specific conservation threats and are integrated with and support priority regional conservation outcomes (species protection, protected areas and conservation corridors);

§ Design and implement locally tailored strategic marketing initiatives to promote CI’s brand. Ensure national initiatives are integrated with and leverage CI’s global marketing strategy.

§ Use formative evaluation/research to inform both strategic marketing and behavior change strategies. Pretest all messages and materials.

§ Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan to measure communication program effectiveness. Revise strategies based on lessons learned.

Develop Partnerships

§ Develop and maintain relationships with members of the national and local media (television, print, radio, online), providing regular press releases and information, holding press conferences, and responding to all media inquiries. Create and maintain a database of media contacts.

§ Design and coordinate activities to strengthen regional environmental journalism (i.e., coordinate environmental journalism contests, organize environmental journalism seminars, support associations of environmental journalists, etc.).

§ Assess potential partner organizations working in communication and seek out ways to leverage their efforts; by integrating CI’s objectives into existing initiatives, providing training or resources or implementing joint projects.
Implement Communication Activities

§ Produce communication tools for all behavior change strategies, such as videos, PSAs, print materials, online tools, etc.

§ Manage the marketing and public-relations needs of the office, ensuring that program staff has essential institutional marketing tools such as presentations, print materials, videos, exhibits, a website and electronic newsletters.

§ Ensure consistency of CI’s graphic identity and brand on all communication products.

§ Plan and coordinate media/communications/marketing events.
Manage Resources and Report

§ With Regional Development Officer, identify potential funding sources for communication initiatives, including in-kind donations of services or advertising space. Write proposals and manage donor relations.

§ Create and/or maintain a library of high quality digital video and photographs. Contribute images to CI’s Image Library.

§ Document all major campaigns, initiatives and events. Keep a record of all media coverage on CI or CI projects. Report media hits to CI-Strategic Marketing + Global Communications.

§ Develop and manage communications program budget under supervision of Director.

§ Manage communications staff, contractors, volunteers or interns.
Skills and Experience

This position requires a degree in communication, marketing, or other related field, and a minimum of 5 years experience. The ideal candidate will be personable, creative, team-oriented and highly motivated.

§ Experience in social communication/marketing, journalism, public relations and/or advertising/marketing.

§ Confidence and ability to develop personal contacts with the media, conservation partners, private sector executives and government officials. Previous relationships with the media a plus.

§ Superior written and oral communication skills in native language. Competency in English.

§ Strong interest in environmental issues and the will to expand knowledge.

§ Demonstrated capacity to think creatively about and capitalize on new initiatives and partnerships.

§ Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize and juggle a variety of tasks.

§ Computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, Internet, digital photo/video processing and desktop publishing.

§ Experience producing multi-media communication tools (e.g. video, Flash, photo-essay, radio programs).

§ Experience planning and running fundraising, communication and media events

§ Networking ability and facilitation skills.

§ Experience with target group research and program evaluation, including survey design, focus groups, polling, etc.

§ Experience working with vendors (designers, printers, website designers, photographers, etc.).

§ Experience managing image databases.

§ Demonstrates CI’s values: Passion, Respect, Integrity, Optimism and Courage

§ Contract until June 30th. 2010 with possibility of renewal in Payroll with all the legal benefits.

§ Salary S/.6,000.00 per month.

Los interesados enviar Anexo 01 y CV no documentado (3 hojas máx.) con el Código CC-001-10. Fecha de cierre: 30 de julio de 2009.