Country Director, Colombia

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is seeking an experienced Senior Country Director for its Colombia Office that directs and supervises programs totaling approximately $60 million in funding over the period 2009 and 2010 for assistance to displaced persons, Afro-Colombians, other vulnerable groups, and implementation of alternative development activities in coca growing areas. The Country Director supervises a staff of approximately 200 employees (mostly Colombian nationals) working throughout the country from its headquarters in Bogota and 8 regional offices and other satellite field staff. Candidates must have strong track record in USAID program management and preparation of new funding proposals to USAID, host governments and other donors in Latin America. Candidates should also have proven record of working collegially with USAID Missions, host governments and other institutional actors from the corporate and private sectors in dynamic working environments.

PADF receives USAID and other grants as well as funding from the Government of Colombia (GOC) (“Accion Social” is the principal GOC counterpart), in three major areas: 1) Assisting Displaced Persons and Afro-Colombians; 2) Implementing Alternative Development (Áreas para el Desarrollo Alternativo Municipal – ADAM) as senior partner to the Associates in Rural Development (ARD) Consulting firm; and 3) Community development, employment generation, skills training for displaced persons along Colombian borders. PADF works in close partnership with Colombian NGOs, community organizations, municipalities and corporate and private donors on various projects including disaster preparedness and mitigation, in-kind donations of medical-dental equipment and tools for training, and seeks new grants from the GOC, USAID, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and other donors in those areas where it has unique expertise. The Country Director leads these efforts, prioritizes actions, manages program implementation, negotiates with donors, and supervises all PADF activities in Colombia.

The Foundation was established in 1962 as an affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS) to strengthen civil society in the Americas, facilitate private sector participation in development, and mobilize donations from corporations, individuals, civic groups, and public donors such as USAID, the World Bank, the IDB to implement projects that benefit the least advantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean. PADF forms part of the Inter-American System and is incorporated as a U.S. NGO (501 c 3). The PADF Board of Trustees includes three private sector leaders from Colombia who serve as a support group to the local PADF office.

PADF’s vision is to promote a hemisphere of opportunity for all. It seeks grants from public and private donors for: 1) Creating Economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged People; 2) Promoting Social Progress through in-kind and other donations; 3) Strengthening Communities and Civil Society; and 4) Responding to Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Crises such as the large displaced and Afro-Colombian populations in Colombia. The Foundation requires a dynamic senior manager and leader, with exceptional diplomatic and interpersonal skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and international development experience, to direct its highest priority program. The Country Director will ensure that program results are achieved to USAID’s and other donor satisfaction, that PADF is fully responsive to USAID and GOC implementation prorities, and that expenditures total approximately $30 million in FY 2009 and a similar level in FY 2010. Based on the existing program, the Director will mobilize additional grants from the GOC (Acción Social), USAID, the World Bank, corporate, private and other sources, to further grow the Foundation’s program in Colombia.

Location: Bogota, Colombia.

Extensive travel within Colombia in rural and remote areas is required (with adequate security precautions). Full-time position with benefits similar to those provided by USAID to its overseas staff. Salary commensurate with experience and salary history. Participation at representation functions in Bogota and throughout the country requiring strong Spanish language capability and excellent diplomatic and interpersonal skills.


Reports to the Senior Operations Director in PADF headquarters in Washington, D.C. with policy
guidance from the Executive Director. Works in highly collegial manner with PADF headquarters, the USAID Mission, the GOC, civil society, municipalities, departmental governments and private sector officials. Works with PADF Trustees in Colombia to mobilize additional private funding to support program implementation.

Education Required

Advanced degree and prior senior level managerial experience in international development directing and supervising USAID and other donor projects in developing countries; proven track record as a Chief of Party of large and complex USAID-funded programs; prior experience effectively dealing with senior USAID, Embassy and host country public and private sector officials at the highest level.

Language Proficiency

Required Fluency in English and Spanish, with strong oral and writing skills in English. Must be able to read and write in Spanish. Day-to-day office communication is in Spanish. Should be able to deliver public presentations in Spanish with high-level GOC and private sector officials.

Other Requirements

Minimum of 15 years experience successfully serving as a Chief of Party, NGO Country Director, USAID Director or Deputy Director for large rural and social development programs directed through local NGOs, community groups, municipalities, and private sector groups, working productively with consulting firms and international agencies. Knowledge of USAID procurement, contracting and disbursement regulations required and USAID project implementation and sub-granting requirements. Proven ability to supervise and monitor large staff of local national employees as fundamental part of “Colombianization” strategy. Must have strong oral and written communications skills, be well organized and focused, and exhibit disciplined entrepreneurial skills with exceptional initiative managing large number of sub-grants to host country groups. Must be a “hands-on” engaged manager with strong ability to effectively supervise and motivate staff and support them in producing high quality results for USAID and the GOC so as to enhance efforts to mobilize additional resources. Must have strong interpersonal skills for dealing with USAID, GOC staff and partner organizations.


Salary and benefits are based on experience and prior salary history and include many of those funded by USAID for expatriate staff of partner US organizations in Colombia. Salary and performance-awards are based on specific accomplishments exceeding agreed upon targets, number of projects implemented, increasing number of new grants and corporate partnerships; enhancing PADF relations with the GOC, NGOs, municipalities and other groups. PADF has a competitive package of benefits.

USAID Concurrence:

This position is funded in part by ongoing USAID projects and candidates are subject to USAID approval prior to selection.

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