Half the world lives in poverty. Christian Aid is striving for wholesale change to rules that keep people poor. We work wherever the need is greatest, giving people strength to find their own solutions to the problems they face, irrespective of their religion. So if you’re passionate about helping others and want to help us drive positive changes across the world come and join us!

This role needs to bring dynamic leadership to our staff team as they achieve high impact in our programmes and innovation with our partners, allies and donors. Christian Aid works exclusively through national partner organizations, so the team needs to excel in the management of these relationships to achieve impact and lasting change. Relationships with donors in the country and internationally are critical to our growth and success in the future. This role also needs a comprehensive understanding of the social and political conflict in Colombia and advocacy experience in Latin America and a global context, ie the correlation between the human rights crisis, armed conflict, exclusion, poverty, economic and environmental rights.

Essential experience and skills required from applicants are:

· Written and oral fluency in Spanish and English.

· Excellent management and communication skills with the ability to relate well with people at all levels.

· Ability to prioritise work and meet deadlines.

· MS office knowledge at user level.

· Ability to analyze the political context.

· Work experience in Latin America, ideally in Colombia

Desirable experience and skills required are:

· Educated to degree level or equivalent qualifications in development or related areas.

· Ability to plan strategically and coordinate people, projects and resources.

Please show your suitability for this post by filling in an application form. In this form you are asked to respond to the following questions which are related to competencies required for the role. Using the guidance notes may help you formulate your answers.

Decision making

Can you describe an example of a situation where you took a risky short-term decision in order to ensure that a longer-term goal would be achieved or a future problem avoided?

Stewardship of resources

When identifying opportunities or negotiating business relationships, how have you gone about determining best return on investment or maximum benefits for both your organization and the partner/client? Please give a specific example.

Leading and managing change

Tell us about a time when you communicated a broad organizational change to employees in a way that helped them gain a clear vision of the impact of the change and support and embrace it in their work.

Risk taking

Describe a time when you assessed the various risks associated with a strategic plan of action that you were proposing.

Download the role profile (30 KB pdf)

For more information: http://www.christianaid.org.uk/aboutus/jobs/international/cmc_SA-005-2010_job.aspx